We’ve seen Face the Hole putting help average putters save strokes on the green—from our own short games to the many other early adopters who’ve already made the switch. It can work for you too. To help you get comfortable with it, we provide a detailed instructional video and a generous money-back guarantee.

Try Face the Hole putting risk-free for 60 days to see if it can help you too. If not, simply return the club free-of-charge for a full refund, no questions asked.


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It's LEGAL and it WORKS!


The Legacy of Face the Hole Putting

Legendary golfer Sam Snead—tied with Tiger Woods for the most career wins on the PGA Tour—used this method to achieve great success at the highest level. And that was decades ago.

While this style of putting may look unfamiliar, it actually has a long, storied history on the links.

And like Sam, many of us, at one time or another, have struggled with the dreaded “Y” word. Yep, the YIPS!

But, one of the most accomplished golfers in the history of the game overcame the yips by using the Face the Hole method.

The great Sam Snead won 83 tournaments in his career and remains tied with—perhaps—the greatest golfer who ever lived, Tiger Woods. (Sorry Nicklaus fans!)

Mr. Snead was able to overcome the anxious feeling of pulling and pushing his putter by facing his target to see the line with both eyes. He went on to win twelve more tournaments using the Face the Hole method.


This proven method can substantially improve your score and help you fall in love with the game again. 

The "NEW” FACE THE HOLE DT 31.6 Putter is here!

Just like the pendulum of an old grandfather clock, you can use the same back and through motion while facing the hole to unlock your putting genius. No more 3 putts!

Whether or not you use our putter, we've created a group for those of us who use the Face the Hole method. We'd love to have you!