This New Mallet Offers A Fresh View Of Your Putting

Scott Kramer | Forbes
April 20, 2023

For those of you old enough to remember seeing Sam Snead play golf, you may recall he had an unorthodox approach to putting. Instead of standing perpendicular to the cup like most golfers, Snead would turn his body 90 degrees and completely face the cup. The putter would hang down to the side of his right leg, and he’d lean down with one hand on the grip and the other far down the shaft. Essentially, it was similar to the way a beginner bowler launches the ball down an alley. And this “side saddle” method proved successful, as he won many PGA Tour events.

There’s a new putter hitting the market – coined Face The Hole – that takes this putting style as its foundation, but modernizes it with a super-long shaft. That helps golfers take advantage of side-saddling without stressing their backs.

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