Some have called it side-saddle, some say face-on, but whatever name you give it, Face the Hole™ putting has been around for a long time. Sam Snead started using this method back in the 60's with great success, and a handful of golfers have been swearing by it ever since. We’ve designed a putter that can bring this proven method to the masses.

Here are the two main reasons we made the Face the Hole DT 31.6 Putter: 

We think the method makes sense

Golfers have accepted the traditional method of putting because that’s how we hold all of our other clubs. But, you don’t need to generate much power with a putter. In fact, putting mostly comes down to gauging the right “feel” for the distance and direction of the putt. Many golfers (who may even be long off the tee or dialed in with their irons) struggle with feel around the greens. For us, it makes much more sense to face the hole to get a better visual of the line and create a straighter putting motion, helping with direction. Facing the hole also changes the putting motion to something more similar to tossing a ball, which many average to below average putters say helps them more consistently get a feel for the distance of the putt.

Several of the putters that have been produced for this method in the past have tried to thwart the rules by making putters that can be used at a 90-degree angle. Face the Hole’s DT 31.6 putter conforms to the rules of golf (it’s legal) and is made in a more conventional manner. The DT 31.6 is a face-balanced mallet with a very high MOI, which reduces the club head’s ability to turn mid-stroke—meaning fewer pushed and pulled putts. Also, it is center-shafted with three very long alignment lines to help you lag your distance putts closer to the hole.

This putter has been meticulously engineered to help you make more putts—no matter the distance—while conforming to the governing body’s rules of golf.

We want to be courageous

It takes courage to try putting like this in front of other golfers. No one wants to look foolish in front of their buddies. That’s why we named this putter DT 31.6. It’s a reference to Deuteronomy 31:6, which says “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid…” With a little courage and some practice, you can join the Face the Hole revolution and start saving crucial strokes on the green.


At Face the Hole Golf we respect the traditions of the game. It’s one of the elements that make golf so special. That being said, we believe in innovation as long as those improvements remain legal according to the rules of golf—think moving from persimmon woods to metal woods or blade irons to cavity back. These innovations made the game easier and more fun. That's what Face the Hole putting can do for you. 


Randy Romberg learned to play golf as a kid with his dad and grandfather and eventually played on the high school golf team. After graduating from college, his entry into the golf business began as a Customer Service Rep at Cleveland Golf. He worked his way up through the ranks as the business grew, and ultimately became the VP of Marketing for Cleveland Golf/Srixon for the last twelve years of a twenty-five year stint at the company. Along the way he made many lasting relationships and learned a ton about the golf industry.  

Throughout those years he always appreciated the bravery of the few people he encountered that swore by side-saddle putting. They seemed to be very good putters, but the method never seemed to gain much traction. Randy finally decided to do something about it. He figured if he could make the correct product and market it properly, Face the Hole just might have a chance.