The video and steps below will teach you how to Face the Hole putt.

Step 1

If you’re right-handed, place your left hand on the top grip and extend it out in front of you keeping your left elbow tucked to your rib cage. Do not allow your forearm to be anchored to your body per the rules of golf.

Step 2

Now place your right hand on the lower grip in whatever manner feels most comfortable for you while keeping the putter out in front. 

Step 3

Now, after reading the putt, set the putter next to your ball and take a couple of practice strokes to get a feel for the distance.

Step 4

Then set the head behind the ball and stand behind the putter, aligning the head perfectly toward your target.

Step 5

Now just step slightly to the side with both feet still facing your target and your eyes in line with the target. Most of your weight should be on your right foot.

Make your stroke and watch the ball fall into the cup. 

Pro Tip

There’s one more thing to be aware of. Some people have a hard time keeping their eyes in line with the target. If that’s you, it’s okay, just know this; When you move your eyes off of the target line, the putter will no longer appear to be on line. You have to trust the fact that you lined it up correctly in the first place and make the stroke. 

Don’t let your eyes deceive and change the alignment. Trust yourself.